Airport In Brussels: Step Here And Relax!
27.02.2014 16:43

The capital of Belgium, Brussels is the largest urban conglomerate of Belgium. Located in the continent of Europe, this place has been marked with significant importance for various reasons. The capital of European Union as well, this place is a home to several foreigners. Well renowned for its culture, traditions and architecture; this place is a delight for a holiday. Fly to this place on board and land at the airport in Brussels. One of the most advanced constructions of the world, this airport is the 25th busiest airport of the world. 

                                            Airport In Brussels | Image Resource : farm9.staticflickr.com

Located 6 nautical miles northeast of Brussels, this airport is an international airport served by various airliners from across the world. This airport, in addition to public aircrafts, also operates military aircrafts. With all services made available under single roof, the airport operates on the basis of One Terminal Concept. This terminal has a parking lot, railway station, arrival gates and departure gates located on different levels. Apart from these, the airport also features a sprawling shopping arena, restaurants and bars for delighting their customers. The airport in Brussels, in addition to all these, also features places for worships for all major religions. Take a flight to Brussels and land at this startling airport

The main routes operated from here include Brussels to Frankfurt, Milan, Geneva, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lisbon. Fly to Brussels and experience comfort at every step on the airport. There are wheel chairs, trolleys and much more at you service at the airport. Alight here and relax! 


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