The List of Domestic Flights in India
16.04.2014 14:59

                                                   Domestic Flights in India | Image Resource : upload.wikimedia.org

The Indian aviation market is growing tremendously with several new airlines coming into the industry and the existing ones introducing different methods for the benefit of the passengers. When it comes to the domestic flights in India, the passengers look for safety, comfort and budgeted air travel.

The low-cost airlines are making several changes and promotions for the sake of the passengers. The introduction of the low-cost travel has made travel by air, an economical means for the people.  Few of the airlines that provide budgeted air travel are as follows:

 * Air India Express: This airline has the main flight services to the Middle East regions and the Southeast Asian regions. However, there are seven weekly flights from Chennai to Tiruchirapally and vice versa, from Mumbai to Chennai and from Calicut to Cochin. It operates only the Airbus aircraft and has an Economy Class seating with 180 seats on each flight.

 * GoAir- This is purely a domestic airline and provides flight services to 22 destinations across India. With Airbus aircraft, the airline provides Economy Class travel, but the passengers have the option to upgrade to the Premium Class Service by paying extra.

 * JetKonnect- This airline provides the best services to its passengers in spite of it being a low-cost air carrier. It has a fleet of Boeing aircraft and has flight services to 55 destinations within the country.

SpiceJet, Kingfisher and Air India are some of the other airlines that provide services of domestic flights in India. With these options with the passengers, flying has become a dream come reality for many people.


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