The Fully Revamped Philippine Airlines Is Now All New And Modern!
11.07.2014 15:37

                                                             Philippine Airlines | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

After a major setback during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, this premier airline of Asia has had a comeback in the aviation industry with a bang!

Philippine Airlines, one that was initiated in 1940’s, was one of the pioneers in the airline industry of the world. Since then the airline has been plying several scheduled flights to several destinations across the world.

After major losses and setbacks, the airline has put all the courage together and come up very well in the recent years. Now remembered for its beautiful flights, pleasing crew and wonderful experiences, Philippine Air is a good choice to travel with!

Start your holiday aboard Philippine Airlines!

Philippines, an exotic place to holiday at, is a breathtakingly beautiful destination with bluish sceneries all around. A several thousand islands located near to each other are a beautiful sight to see from shore of the other islands of the archipelago.

Inviting people from around the world for an exotic holiday, Philippines has a lot of arrangements in place for you. Beautiful beaches, shopping arcades, island resorts and much more, there is a lot to explore on board.

Fly to this destination on board flights of the national airliner of the country and get to enjoy the first step to your wonderful holiday. Flights are big, comfortable and entertaining. The crew on board are well trained and make your journey a pleasurable one. The first step to your holiday is surely going to start with a lot of happiness and enjoyable moments on board!

From 40 destinations around the world, there are flights operated by the Philippian airliner to the island. Now operating a fleet of 50 plus aircrafts, the airline has managed to build a strong pillar of patrons.  

Choose to fly on board this airline and get to enjoy the guaranteed happiness!


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