Step Into A World Where You Are Offered The Best : Austrian Airlines!
12.07.2014 17:33

The Austrian Airlines is not only the flag carrier of Austria but also the subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. Headquartered in the Vienna International Airport this airline is also the member of the Star Alliance. They also operate several lounges in Vienna. The various lounges that are available are three Business, two Senator and two HON- Circle. From the year 2007, the Do & Co handles all the catering of this airline.

Since the year 2011 their planes i.e. the Airbus A320 family is equipped with new cabin design as well as seats. The year 2013 was also of great significance for the airline’s entire long-haul flights got their new seats along with cabin designs. Not only that these flights also contains full flat beds with a system that is pneumatic.

Austrian Airlines: Facilities and Services that are Exquisite!

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines | Image Resource : widebodyaircraft.nl

Nowadays in this particular airline you can look forward to offers that can be of great benefit. To get a clearer picture you can just check-out the various online flight sites. Through online you can also do your booking which is not as complicated as it seems. Now it is far easier to book from home in the net. Those who are members of the frequent flyer program of this airline can also enjoy some wonderful deals.

On Miles you can also get free snacks and drinks. Without any additional cost these members can also take advantage of either the mobile or web check-in. Days of standing in queues in the airport has long past gone. In fact you can have a truly marvelous flight to your destination with a complete ease of mind!


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