SriLankan Airlines : Fly With The Best In The Trade!
14.07.2014 10:48

                               SriLankan Airlines | Image Resource : panoramio.com

SriLankan Airlines started its operations in 1999.Having the base airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka this airline operates to 135 international destinations which includes Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Male, Dubai, and so on.

The flight schedule of this airline is one of the most helpful ones for passengers. It lists their flights which operate across the world making you have a fair idea of how their system works. Flight arrivals and departures, flight numbers, routes, days of operation and flight timings are explained in detail on its website.

Male to Colombo, London to Toronto, Abu Dhabi to Colombo and Colombo to Male are the top sectors of this airline and operates around 25 weekly flights. Other airlines follow SriLankan methods of aviation to be successful in this industry. Booking tickets well in advance lets you enjoy cheaper air fares with its great deals and discounts.

Fly Safely enjoying the Safety measures on SriLankan Airlines!

The striking point of this airline is the safety provided along with its care for its passenger’s ease of travel. All the flights are checked every once in a while to test its efficiency and safety. Test rides are done without fail when there is any malfunction of the flight.

 The fleet of this airline does every step an airline has to follow to the dot to provide the passengers for a risk free journey. If you are very concerned about the safety of the flights, information regarding the full function of the flight is given on request. So are you ready for blastoff?


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