Jet Airways Contact Number - Avail the Titbits of Your Flight
19.08.2014 17:51

Jet Airways Contact Number | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The Inception of Jet Airways

India has grown remarkably in the field of air carrier services over the last decade. With growing numbers of people opting for air as a medium for transport, the airline industry is also growing leaps and bounds. The introduction of the number of competitive airlines in private firm has managed to attract passengers. The airline’s headquarter is housed in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Within a short time period, the commercial airline company has emerged as a major air carrier by the virtue of its unparalleled service and extraordinarily low costs.

Jet Airways Facilities

Each and every airline has to follow a set of protocol and function according to decorum. For better services, the airline company not only needs to provide best in-flight services, but also high-end ground and airport facilities. Jet Airways contact number lets the passengers remain aware about the timings of each and every flight of the day and near future.

There is the facility of 24-hours on-desk communication service where the passengers can call up and take details of their flights. The toll-free Jet Air contact number is 1800 22 55 22, which works only within India. Toll free number for UK is 0808 101 1199 and the same for the USA is 1 877 835-9538.

BSNL and MTNL lines receive your queries through the provided numbers to solve your problems at the earliest. The number 389 3333 is yet another multipurpose contact number available within the country and is reachable across a few of the major cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai. This number is fixed and therefore one needs to prefix the STD code before dialing up.


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