Jet Airways Baggage Allowance- The Terms And Conditions
18.03.2014 16:27

                                     Jet Airways Baggage Allowance | Image Resource: businesstoday.intoday.in

Jet Airways is one of oldest and largest airlines in India. It was founded in the year 1992and it soon commenced it operations in the succeeding years. The airlines serve a large number of passengers daily with its low cost and super fast services. It envelopes as many as 80 destinations with more than 400 flights. Baggage allowance of every airline is its key feature and Jet Airways baggage allowance offers greater benefits to the passengers to fly with élan.

There are certain limitations on the quantity of luggage and handbag that can be carried into the cabin during a journey. The limitations are usually based on the age groups of persons travelling and class of travel chosen. A common man usually prefers to travel in the Economy class and the maximum luggage limit is 15 kg for domestic destinations. However for the business class the limit is little high. A passenger may carry luggage up to 30 kg if he is traveling in the business class of travel.

The baggage which is allowed to be carried inside the cabin is called hand baggage and the dimension of the same must not exceed 115 cm in length, breadth and height. There are several other restrictions on the kinds of materials that can be taken inside the cabin. Equipments like knives, scissors and other weapons are strictly prohibited from entering into the aircraft. The passengers may carry walking sticks, prescribed medicines, baby foods and few other dry foods into the cabin.

Jet Airways baggage allowance is given little relaxation again if a person is entitled into some frequent flyer’s program of Jet Airlines. Under JetPrivilege Platinum membership, a passenger can carry 20 kg of additional luggage.


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