Indigo Web Checkin – Save Your Valuable Time
13.03.2014 15:43

Indigo Web Checkin | Image Resource: topnews.in

Indigo is one of the new airlines that has been operating in India for quite some time now. Their customer service is very good. The airline is particularly popular because of the fact that the ticket prices are very much affordable. The Indigo web checkin is an added facility for the flyers. This facility saves a lot of valuable time for the flyers and makes air travel that much more comfortable for them. The web check in facility from Indigo is available on its official website on the internet. It is a very easy to use facility.

The flyers need to have their Ticket PNR in order to check in. the web check in tab on the website will take the flyers to their desired webpage. The date of travel needs to be entered. The origin and destination points of the flights are also required to be entered in the form. On entering the PNR number, the flyers are allowed to do their web check in. they can choose the seat of their choice on this page itself. The boarding pass of the flight in which they will be travelling in can also be printed by the flyers themselves. This saves a lot of their valuable time.

The Indigo web checkin facility is very popular among the flyers. They do not need to do the check in at the airport. They can straight away board their flight after the security check is done. This is a very good application of technology.


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