Indigo-The People’s Airline
13.03.2014 09:43

                                                    Indigo | Image Resource: thehindu.com

The phrase, “Go! Indigo” became synonymous with low-cost flying when Indigo airlines first introduced itself in the aviation market in 2006. Today, the airline is one of the largest in the country and offers tickets at economical rates.

The main hub of the airline is IGI Airport in Delhi and has its secondary hubs in Mumbai (CSI Airport) and Kolkata (NSCBI Airport). The airline operates the A320 Airbus aircraft and flies to about 36 destinations within the country. Its focus cities are Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Lucknow.

All the aircraft of the airline have the colour to go with the name of the airline- the bottom of the airline and its name is in indigo colour with sky blue stripes in white below the wings. The airline offers only Economy Class seating and there are no complimentary meals on-board the flight. However, the passengers have the option to buy meals on the flight.

The airline does offer a premium service though, which the passengers can avail by paying extra. With this, they can pre-book a seat and get meals too. Another good feature that it offers to its passengers is the option to buy duty-free products on the flight. They can select the products from the airline’s in-flight magazine, “Hello 6E”, and buy the products of their choice on-board.

The success of Indigo airlines is mainly because of these two reasons: comparatively cheaper rates and on-time flights. The proof of the airline’s success is the consecutive awards that it received from 2007 to 2013.


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