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14.06.2014 11:06

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Hahn Airlines GmbH is a German airline based in Driesch, Germany. The company offers scheduled and charter air services from Düsseldorf International Airport, where its aircraft are based. The company`s main business, however, is an e-ticket platform that gives travel agencies access to airlines via computer reservation systems. The company also offers sales services for other airlines.

Hahn Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saspo Holding GmbH, with its headquarters in Driesch near Frankfurt. The company is owned by Hans Nolte and Nikolaus Gormsen. The company has offices in Amsterdam, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Madrid, Manila, Mexico City, Milan, Minneapolis, Montevideo and Paris. Hahn Airways has signed more than 260 contracts (interline agreements) with airlines. Worldwide, a total of over 91,000 travel agencies access this system. Along with the passenger travel of this airline there is also growing tourism and flourishing trade associated with its progress. All this is made possible only because of the flexible airways flights.

Hahn Air worked hard to choose programs and packages that would offer their passengers the greatest variety. This variety helps the airways to ensure that you will be able to find something that suits your tastes, regardless of your preferences. This also means that its exclusive catering to corporate frequent fliers is well served. A special department was created to provide custom business frequent flier packages. This how they are able to completely accommodate their corporate business customers.  Like all other major airlines, it offers a complete range of hotel and tour packages available for their passengers.


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