Get a Joyous Voyage in Cathay Pacific Airlines
14.08.2014 16:34

                                        Cathay Pacific Airlines | Image Resource : blog.jetblue.com

The number of air services has increased manifolds with the rise of traveling needs and business requirements. People are now opting for air as their medium of transport as it is fast, economic and safe. Ticket booking is also easy for airlines as it can be done in the close vicinity of the house. Cathay Pacific Airlines is the frontier air carrier of Hong Kong and is known for providing services all over the world with élan. The major hub of the airline is located at the Hong Kong International Airport where most of the flights board.

Fleet and Operation of Cathay Pacific Airways

The fleet of Cathay Pacific consists of both Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. They cover as many as 42 countries from all over the world and about 162 major international locations. In a year, the carriage of passengers exceeds to over 27 million. Such a high number of passengers opting for the services of Cathay pacific proves that the airline company is unique and one of its kinds. Taipei and Bangkok being the central destinations, its flights also cover several other holiday-specific countries where people love to make leisurely travels.
Ticket Booking in Cathay Pacific

Ticket booking in Cathay Pacific Airlines is quite an easy task. The corporate website of the airlines offers various services. The discounts, if any, are flashed on the homepage itself so that a passenger never misses the opportunity to grab it during ticket booking. There are number of traveling classes starting from Economy Class to elite Business Class that offers value for money. The in-flight meal are also taste satiating and never lets you crave for food throughout the journey in a long haul flight.



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