Flights from Mumbai to Delhi – Air Travel Simplified
27.05.2014 15:12

As you are aware, Mumbai and Delhi are two of the key destinations in India, which have the vital significance in the political and business map of India. Delhi is the capital city of the Indian Union where the Indian Parliament as well as the President’s Office and other key administrative centers are located. Mumbai is the business city where the headquarters of several corporate and  industries are located. You can also find Mumbai as the capital of Indian cinema too. Now, there are plenty of flights from Mumbai to Delhi by all leading service providers.

Flights from Mumbai to Delhi | Image Resource: thehindu.com

Connectivity between Mumbai and Delhi is very important as people need to travel frequently between these destinations for business and administrative purposes. A huge number of passengers are there in the Mumbai-Delhi route. These destinations are also well-connected with road as well as rail; however, it will take almost a day’s time if you are traveling in train or through road. But, if you are taking a flight, the distance is covered hardly in 2 hours’ time, and so most of the passengers specifically choose air travel to get from Mumbai to Delhi and vice versa.

The distance between Mumbai city and Delhi is about 1400 km. On checking out for flights, you can find that there are almost 60 daily flights offering services between Mumbai-Delhi, and you can find a comfortable schedule in every 15-30 minutes in this route. With the introduction of many budget air travel services, you can also get cheap air tickets in this route; however, during the peak timings, you cannot expect discounted ticket rates in flights from Mumbai to Delhi.


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