Find Complete Comfort And Luxury Onboard The Cathay Pacific Flights
12.09.2014 15:19

                                                             Cathay Pacific | Image Resource : gurutravel.co.nz

If you are looking to have long-haul journeys with the best flights, then you need to take the help of Cathay Pacific, which is a Hong Kong based international carrier. It is popular for the passenger and the cargo flights, which cover 165 destinations in more than 40 countries across the world. Apart from the latest technical amenities and services during the journey, the four categories of the cabins also attract the fliers.

Categorical Benefits

The travel classes such as the First Class, Business Class, Economy Class and Premium Economy Class will definitely satisfy the travelers. Whatever the classes you book, you will be happy and peaceful with the comfortable seats and other facilities in the cabin of all units. As a result of that, you can make your journey hassle-free undoubtedly. During the journey, you can enjoy soft and smooth touch of the seats made of cushions, pillows and duvets. The seats have built-in LCD with soft-touch controls and they can be transformed into beds so that the passenger can comfortably sleep.

Business Class Facility for Comforts

If you go for Cathay Pacific Airways business class, then you can choose from three categories such as the Business, Regional and New Regional. The seats in these cabins recline up to eleven inches and totally these look like fully flat beds measured 80 inches long.

Apart from that, there are sufficient space for knee, exact hip support and arm rest facilities. Moreover, the airline provides screen-touch television for the passengers when they are on board. No wonder, businesspeople can have complete luxury all along the journey.


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