Dammam Airport- The World’s Largest Airport
22.08.2014 12:58

Dammam Airport | Image Resource : wikipedia.org


Saudi Arabia is the only kingdom in the world which set a record in building the world’s largest airport and later on broke its own record to build a bigger airport.

The Dammam Airport, also known as Dammam King Fahad International Airport is the world’s largest airport built in Saudi Arabia that is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the northwest part of Dammam. From the central Dammam, it takes about 22 minutes to drive to the Dammam Airport along the King Fahad Road.


For transport, there are facilities of buses and trains across the pathway. Public buses operate from the city center and take an approximate journey time o f30 minutes to reach the airport in Dammam. Taxis can be availed outside the airport to go into the city from the airport.

Facilities at the Airport

Being the world’s largest airport, the facilities available at the airport are also immense. For money, the passengers can go to the bureau de change counters located at the landslide areas near the terminals. There is the provision of 24x7 internet facility across the airport. Free Wi-Fi facility is provided to each and every passenger with a code. 

There are internet kiosks which make internet available to the passengers throughout their stay in the airport. People can also go for discovering various food items found in the eateries and cafes found in the airport.

Numerous shops are housed within the airport that sells authentic Arabic souvenirs and gift items. The selling of alcohols and alcoholic beverages is a taboo in the kingdom and therefore one may not find these items anywhere in the Dammam Airport at the duty free shops.



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