Chennai Airport – Offers Best Facilities For Comfortable Flying
16.06.2014 13:47

                                                         Chennai Airport | Image Resource : chennaisummary.com

Chennai is one of the largest cities in South India and is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. Since it has a large English speaking population, many Indian and multinational companies have their back office in Chennai. It is also the transit point for travelers to other parts of south Asia like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. Hence, the Chennai Airport is one of India's busiest airports with domestic and international flights to various countries across the world, landing and taking off from the airport frequently on all days of the week.

Like all high-security airports, entry to the airport is restricted to airport and airline staff, who have been screened and passengers with a valid ticket for a flight departing from the airport. Passengers at Chennai airport with a lot of luggage can check in the luggage, while passengers with only hand luggage can directly check in and collect the boarding pass from the counter of the airline. They then have to wait for the security check announcement, which is usually an hour or forty five minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.

There is a separate security check for male and female passengers at the Chennai Airport, and passengers are expected to have all their hand luggage screened before boarding the flight by passing it through the screening machine. After this the passengers are expected to wait in the boarding lounge, till the announcement for boarding the flight is made by the airline.


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