Check Jet Airways Flight Schedule and Have a Tension-Free Journey
22.02.2014 11:36
jet airways flight schedule

                                                  Check Jet Airways Flight Schedule | Image Resource : jetairways.co.in/

Jet Airways has a large fleet of aircrafts offering flights to many domestic and international destinations. By logging on to the official website of the airline, you get Jet Airways Flight Schedule and also a lot of other details on flights. On the website if you enter the airport name or code of the source and destination airports, you will get a list of all the flights that operate between the two airports, along with the arrival and departure time of the flights at the two airports. This enables you to choose the flight that is most convenient to you and book tickets.

There are many daily and weekly flights operated by the airline to various destinations. Some operate early in the morning while a few offer service late at night. Most of the flights operated by Jet Airways are between Mumbai and New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and also between Mumbai and Hyderabad. There are five daily flights from Mumbai to Hyderabad. The first flight takes off from Mumbai at 4.30 am and reaches Hyderabad at 5.55 am the last flight is at 7.20 pm reaching Hyderabad at 8.40 pm. from Hyderabad to Mumbai also there are five daily flights. From Bangalore to Mumbai there are seven daily flights by the airline.

Checking Jet Airways Flight Schedule allows you to reach the airport at the correct time and board the flight without any last minute confusion. Other than online you also have various other methods to check the schedule of the airline. 

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