Chandigarh Airport Information : Wonderful Experience Soon Comes With International Terminal!
20.05.2014 14:18
Chandigarh Airport Information | Image Resource : plus.google.com

                                  Chandigarh Airport Information | Image Resource : plus.google.com

Chandigarh is one of the best planned cities in India. It is the common capital of two states Punjab and Harayana.Chandigarh Airport is located in union territory of Chandigarh. It is also known as one of the major airports in north India. As the city is beautifully constructed, the airport also has world class terminal building. The interior of the airport has been beautifully constructed considering all the needs of their passengers.

Terminal of the Chandigarh Airport is mainly used for domestic flight. Chandigarh airport information includes airlines that operate from this airport and the most important are Jet Airway, SpiceJet, Air India, Jetlite, JetAirways and many more. These airlines connect Chandigarh from all metropolitan cities of India. This Airport also has a Travel Information Center of Chandigarh Tourism. Considering the safety and security point of view, this airport is the best. All the administrative staff is well trained to handle any critical situation. Airport also offer baggage services to the passenger, they can easily carry their luggage from one place to another through this service. Besides, this airport also provides wheel chair to disabled people.

Chandigarh Airport information also give assistance on both arrival and departure time of the flight. Many shops are situated within the airport premises. Passenger can buy gifts, magazines and many other things from these shops. Duty free shops are also available for passenger to buy variety of products in very reasonable price. In the restaurants passenger can have their food and beverages. From the airport, one can get numerous transport facilities. Taxis are also available round the clock. A new International Airport is being built at Mohali.



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