Air India Web Checkin – Simple and Time Saving
27.05.2014 13:44

Air India is now one of the leading service providers among the global airliners, which has services to almost all major countries and continents. Being the leading airliner operating from India, Air India has a fairly big number of passengers from this region and offers a very commendable and comfortable travel option to the travelers. Air India is owned by the Union Government of India, so the passengers has a high regard and faith on this service provider. For the majority of Indians, Air India is the primary air travel choice. Air India web checkin is the latest feature on the website of Air India.

                                                   Air India Web Checkin | Image Resource: airindia.com

Previously, as you know, to do the check-in for a flight, the only option you had is to report at the airport check-in counter. There may be a single or a few number of counters for each flights and you had to queue up in a specific counter. Sometimes it may take half an hour or sometimes you have to stand for hours in these queues patiently to check-in and to get the boarding pass  issued. This was a really troublesome process to all. Then Air India came up with most amicable solution by introducing on-line check in which was an instant hit.

Now, a large number of passengers are accessing the online check in facility of air India, which is pretty simple. In order check in online, the customers need to log on to the Air India website and access the Air India web checkin form. Once on filling it in, you can get the online boarding pass and just need to take a print out of it.


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